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Whether you are religious person or not anyone can appreciate these magnificent buildingscheck out 10 most beautiful cathedrals in the world feel free to add your example by using comments sectionthis is a list of cathedrals by country including both actual cathedrals seats of bishops in episcopal denominations such as catholicism anglicanism and orthodoxy and a few prominent churches from non episcopal denominations commonly referred to as cathedral usually having formerly acquired that status as of december 2018 the catholic church had 3391 cathedral level churches a valuable resource for architecture students travelers and anyone interested in our religious heritage cathedrals of the world takes an exciting journey through christianity by way of its most impressive architectural creations starting with early christian romanesque and gothic structures through the renaissance and baroque periods to the modern age this stunning compendium spans the source flickr via jorge lscar rio de janeiro cathedral also known as the metropolitan cathedral of saint sebastian is the largest cathedral in south america and is a unique looking cathedralunlike the the traditional gothic cathedrals of europe the rio de janeiro cathedral looks more modern and draws inspiration from the mayan pyramidsten cathedrals to see before you die april 19 2011 by bob borson 149 comments this is a topic that has been sitting in my draft box for almost a year and i thought i should finish it up originally i was going to title this the top 10 cathedrals you should see before you stop seeing cathedrals because thats really what this list

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